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Why support chronoskia?

It helps keeps us running as usual. We can spend money hiring more staff. More staff means we can make the server look better, work better, and feel better.


Here are a few benefits.

Profile Background

You can set a custom profile background. Whether it be Astolfo or any other thing, when someone visits your profile, they will get to see the background you set. Just make sure it's appropriate please!


You can get things like an option for a rainbow username, changing your username and you can also change your profile flag. If you want to be from Israel? Bam! You're now an Israelite. You wanna be Canadian? Bam! You're now being held against your will in Ontario!

Custom Badges

You can get custom badges on your profile! You can set a badge/symbol and then write a custom description for it. Such as a hand symbol and then something incoherent.

Clan Creation

You will be able to create your own clan. You can name it anything as long as it's friendly and you can join together with your friends. We also have a clan leaderboard so you can compete against other clans. If you try maybe you can make it to number one and be the top clan on Chronoskia.

Custom Discord Roles

You can have a custom discord role in the Chronoskia discord. If you want it could be bread or maybe Astolfo. Along with the custom discord role you also get the Donor role and with the Donor role you get access to the #DonorGeneral and the Donor voice chat.

Astolfo with a gun

You get an Astolfo with a gun.

Support Chronoskia!

u can pay to server to help give it alot running :))


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